CVI Launches Digital Showroom App for iPad

CVI Funeral Supply recently created an iPad app for funeral directors to have a fully digital showroom which mirrors from an iPad to an Apple TV. The app is a personal way to show products to customers and offers many advantages over prior presentation systems.

The app contains four basic categories: Vaults, Caskets, Monuments and Cremation Merchandise. In each of these categories, funeral directors can go through the products they wish to show to families. If a decision cannot be made from there, the funeral director has the capability of searching through a series of fields such as color and material to find a product the family desires.

The app is a personal way to connect to customers. The funeral director can work closely on the small device with the primary decision maker while other family members see the products on the larger screen and do not have to be in a crowed proximity.

To access the app please contact a CVI Funeral Supply Sales representative. CVI Funeral Supply will then set up a user name and password along with the products and pricing the funeral director wishes to have. The app can be downloaded through the iTunes store and is only available for the iPad.

If you have any questions, please call CVI Funeral Supply at 316-283-3790 or toll free 1-800-362-1318.