CVI Funeral Supply Visits Frigid Fluid

General Manager Bob Zimmerman and President Jim Wiens visit Frigid Fluid Company in Northlake, Illinois.

Jim Wiens and Bob Zimmerman of CVI Funeral Supply recently visited Frigid Fluid Company in the Chicago suburb of Northlake. CVI is a distributor of Frigid products and purchased several 2.0 devices in 2013; noting that the new devices weigh about 40 pounds less than our current models. Wiens and Zimmerman were able to tour the Frigid plant and observe the manufacturing process. Zimmerman, who has spent much of his career working on Frigid lowering devices, also spent some time reviewing inspection procedures. This visit allowed him to bring back valuable insight on safety and maintenance to our own company.

Founded in 1892, Frigid is one of the oldest manufacturers of funeral home supplies. In 1918 they invented and brought to market the first mechanical casket lowering device and continue to be the premier manufacturer of these devices. Their offices and manufacturing plant are located in Northlake, Illinois. In 2013, Frigid introduced the Imperial 2.0™.