New Name, New Location

CVI Funeral Supply, formally known as Doric Concrete Vaults Inc. has refreshed its name and look with not only a new logo but also a new location.

The name change was incorporated because the company is now selling items other than just vaults. With a wide variety of caskets, vaults, cremation items and monuments they are now a funeral supplies manufacturer and distributor.

With all the products now available a new and larger building is just what was needed. The company purchased an old warehouse located at 901 Sharps Drive that will soon be the new head office. The warehouse not only had the space but also had a little family history. Part of the building was actually built by Norman Wiens, father of the company’s president Jim Wiens.

The company has spent the last year remodeling and refurbishing the old warehouse into a new spacious office for the entire company.  All four divisions; the office, casket warehouse, vault manufacturing and the monument shop will be under one roof. The main office will have a reception area, a kitchenette/break room and a conference room.

The switch from the old building on Boyd Avenue is set for November. The move will begin with the offices and will end with the monument shop sometime early next year.