CVI Offers a New Brand

CVI Funeral Supply has extended its product line to include the Starmark Line of Cremation Containers. This line is revolutionary in its value and in quality. CVI will be offering their top two products, the TransPorter and the Safeway Containers.

The Transporter is used for private family viewings in a dignified manner and can be used in the cremation process. The Transporter offers a printed wood grain exterior, rose tan crepe interior and EZ grip handles. The container has a 25″ width inside and is also available in a narrow width. The Transporter is available with a 29″ width as well as a blue exterior and comes with a throw and overlay.

The Safeway container is an alternative container with no interior fabric but a protective liner for a budget cremation. This is constructed of fiberboard, with reinforced plywood walls, EZ grip handles and a nylon lid strap with buckle. The container can be purchased in quantities of four, 16 or 48 units, with prices dropping per piece in the larger units.